Monster monoblock upgrade!

One of my current projects is an upgrade of a pair of previous-generation monoblocks to the latest C-core transformers.  These blocks were expertly built and highly modified, so there was a fair amount of planning and exploratory work involved in coming up with the best approach to avoid disturbing some very intricate construction.  After an hour of investigation, the path forward was clear, and I am very pleased with the outcome.  In fact, there is a special surprise twist for the customer which I’m not going to reveal here until the amp is delivered, but I will post pictures later on.

Basically, this upgrade involved removing quite a bit of the amp, drilling and tapping the chassis, replacing the old interstage and output transformers, and redoing the wiring in such a way that you’d never know it had been touched.  A complicated but rewarding task.  Here are a few pictures of the amp after modification-  no, you aren’t seeing double.  That is a quad-core output transformer!  This was a very fine amplifier in its original incarnation-  now it is an over-the-top, state-of-the-art beast.  More on this one once the other block is done and the “surprise” has been implemented.Monoblock beforemonoblock wiringmonoblock after